FuzziBunz Pocket Cloth Diapers

See how FuzziBunz® Stacks Up To The Competition!
  • Innovation: FuzziBunz® were born out of one moms ability to "think outside the box." Not only were FuzziBunz the first ever fleece pocket diaper, the One Size is unique to all other roducts on the market - truly versatile and adjustable. When you buy FuzziBunz you know you are getting the cutting edge in design and function.
  • Adjustability: The One Size Diapers adjust 2 ways - through their original snap fasteners & through an adjustable leg elastic.
  • Replacement Parts: FuzziBunz are the only One Size diaper that promises it will not wear out before your baby potty trains due to wear and tear. The elastic is fully replaceable with no sewing and the parts for you to do so if it is ever necessary come for free!
  • Streamlined Look & Fit: You don't want your baby to have a maze of snaps down the front of their diaper making puckers! Neither do we. The One Size design can be adjusted inside the pocket.
  • Quick Dry Fleece: FuzziBunz®'s made their fleece dry even faster with a new finish that quickly lets moisture pass through and quickly lets baby's bottom feel dry!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: FuzziBunz® offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY that covers snaps and waterproof cover defects; FuzziBunz® has stood behind its workmanship for 12+ years, something that is unmatched in the cloth diapering industry.

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