Layaway at FluffyRump

  • 25% deposit
  • 25% payment after 30 days
  • 25% payment after 60 days
  • 25% payment after 90 days
  • $50 minimum layaway order
  • Can complete your layaway anytime during the 90 days
  • Normal shipping rules apply
  • sustainablebabyish products are not eligible for layaway

    Make your payment here at this link or email us: Pay Here

    Cloth diapering is a great way to save thousands of dollars through the years your child is in diapers, compared to the use of disposables. While the return on the investment is evident, the start-up cost can be a bit intimidating. To help out our customers who wish to take advantage of a payment plan, we have a layaway program.

    Putting your stash on Layaway is financially convenient because it allows you to take 3 months to pay for your cloth diapers and accessories. To take advantage of our layaway program, you need to create an account on our site, fill your cart with the diapers and accessories you wish to layaway and then use the coupon code: layaway during checkout. This code will automatically deduct 75% off of the total, thus paying a 25% deposit. The minimum order amount for a layaway is $50. Lastly, make your payment by credit card or PayPal. You complete your layaway at any time before the 90 days finish. If you are putting an item on layaway that has a promotional price or deal from a manufacturer, the layaway must be completed by the expiration of the promotion.

    Every month or before, you can make a payment at the link above or email us to send you an invoice to pay the next 25% on your order. You have 3 months from the date of your initial order to pay for the layaway in full. Once you create your layaway, you will not be able to change the items on layaway.

    At the time of layaway we pull your order off of the floor so it is unavailable to other customers. For this reason, customers will receive only store credit for layaways that are cancelled, less a 25% restocking fee.

    Please be sure to enter correct contact information, including an e-mail address that you check regularly when you create your account. If you have a question or concerns with our layaway program please feel free to contact us at

    Unpaid Payments
    Once we have sent a scheduled payment request, you have a grace period of 5 working days to submit your payment. If payment is not made, we will cancel the layaway. Also, when the balance is not paid within 3 months (plus a 5 day grace period) from order date, the layaway will automatically be cancelled & subject to our above cancellation policy.

    *For local customers that would prefer to pick-up their orders, please choose local San Juan pick-up during check-out. Free shipping on all orders over $49 in the USA except as noted on our shipping policies pages (i.e. overweight and oversized items). We do not accept layaway orders from Canada. All additional shipping policy items apply to layaway orders.